Ask Dr. Matt: Should older women date younger men?

Dear Dr. Matt-

What are Dr. Matt’s thoughts on girls dating younger men?

Cultured, Older Unattached Gal After Romance


My guess from your question is that this isn’t a hypothetical.  There’s a guy that crossed your path that created quite a spark, but the age discrepancy gave you pause.  I can also safely guess that this question isn’t about the mechanics of such a coupling.  Amongst adults, the mechanics of physical intimacy tend to be pretty much identical.  Nor is this question about even whether or not you would enjoy dating someone of a younger age.  You already have a sense of the possibilities that exist there, otherwise that fine young piece of man meat wouldn’t be on your mind.

So, why is it a question at all?  Well, like most, you’re probably not so much concerned with the immediate gratification of such an adventure, but the long-term implications.  Will we stay interested in each other, or will we be too different?  Will we share the same goals?  How would we make a future work?  Will people mistake him as my hot son, and will this be awkward socially?

Of course, what you may not have considered is that all these questions are identical no matter what the demographic of that other person.  The implication of your question is that someone who matches you in age is “normal” and its normality has a greater chance of stability.  But, darlin’, it’s all a big mystery.  So, instead of worrying about one particular factoid about that person, look at that individual honestly, and their possible compatibility with you.  Remember, you did just ask about dating, so bear in mind you don’t have to plan your entire future.  I grew up on a farm in Texas with some cows, and I can tell you that not all of the intimate interactions between cows were ones that could biologically produce calves.  You can learn something valuable from them, but for some reason, any further cow metaphors sound fairly inappropriate in my own head, so COUGAR, I’ll let you figure it out from here.

Dr. Matt*

*Dr. Matt is not a real doctor.

Dr. Matt

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