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Praise for “Just Stop Having Problems, Stupid!”

“Little did I know I was about to indulge in possibly the most useful piece of literature since the Da Vinci Code…” -Matthew Kump

“Dr. Matt took me to the stupid parts, the real parts and the Russell Crowe parts of myself that I didn’t realize were being affected by my mediocre decision making. Everytime I walk out the door, I ask myself, am I going to just stop having problems, or just keep having problems? Answer is so simple, it’s stupid.” – Crystal Braunwarth

Praise for “When It Comes To Relationships, You’ve Been An Idiot”

“For people like myself who can at least remember what it was like to be deeply confused, it’s a good reminder.” – Jonathan Ellis

“Dr. Matt may be a fake doctor (in fact the ‘most famous fake doctor of our time’), but there is absolutely nothing fake about the quality of advice and insight he shares in this remarkable little book.” – Judy Teto

“You owe it to yourself to buy this book. Even if you think you already have a perfect relationship, chances are you’ll learn something that will strengthen it even further. Plus you’ll laugh quite a bit along the way. And hell, you might even learn something about yourself by the time you’re finished. I know I did.” – Brian Springer