Getting What You Want

Folks, I want to talk to you about getting what you want. Now, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not talking about how to get what you want. I’m talking about that event, that moment in which you are getting what you want. It’s coming right at you, and all you got to do is stick out your baseball glove and catch it. You see, a lot of us think that stuff never comes our way. That’s simply not the case. Those high fly balls are perfectly placed, we’re the closest outfielder, but what are we doing? We’re staring at the ground because we tell ourselves that the only way to make a play is to have a ground ball roll right under our feet.

Now, since I hate metaphors, and I know next to nothing about baseball, what I just said may or may not make sense. The point is that it’s not about the right balls coming to you. It’s about YOU being READY for the BALL. You’re so used to not having any balls that you think you’re never going to get any.

You may remember folks, that I’ve been in the market for a Toyota Plug-In Hybrid Prius. Well, a friend of mine came to me the other day, and said that her brother knew a guy, who’s cousin owned a bar, and one of his waitresses was dating a guy whose roommate was getting rid of his Hybrid Prius. You might think this was an amazing coincidence. But silly me, my first reaction was, “I don’t want a used Prius, I want a new one, and they’re only now producing plug-ins. Can you believe that. I got exactly what I asked for, and I was about to turn it away. Then I saw that the universe at bat had just hit a high fly ball out to center, and if I didn’t look up, then I was going to miss it, and probably get an error or whatever its called, and then something would happen that involved points being added to the board, like when one of those baseballers reaches fourth base. And how disappointing would that be!

I quickly saw what was happening and I stuck out my glove! Before too long, I was the proud owner of a Toyota Hybrid Prius.

Think that’s the end of the story? Well, obviously you’ve never played baseball. For then it was my turn at bat. Because it’s not all about just standing out there in the field and waiting, now I was ready to take action for what I wanted. I knew I still wanted a plug-in hybrid, and wouldn’t you know it? My friend’s brother’s cousin’s waitress’s boyfriend’s roommate just so happened to have a sister who was married to a guy who did custom conversions of Hybrids into Plug-in Hybrids.

Guess what’s sitting in my garage, people? That’s right, a Toyota Plug-In Hybrid Prius, and boy do I love that baby as much as a man can love a car, and probably a little more.

The world around you is filled to the brim with everything you could desire and more. I’m not talking about the new Plasma TV or Nintendo Wii, not that these aren’t worthy goals. What I mean is that it’s not the free market that is offering everything you want… It’s being offered by something else entirely. Our very existence is built upon our ability to manifest our desires. Is not the act of creating a life a miraculous example of manifesting something that we at first only imagine? I’m telling you, it’s at the core of our very nature, the seed of our being. We desire, we imbue that desire with love, passion, and ambition. And out of the seeming chaos, it appears, with an incomprehensible consistency. We don’t always see it, because, well, we’re stupid little creatures. Or we think that it can’t be that easy.

But it’s just a game. A constructed diamond, if you will, in which we run around the bases. Maybe no matter what we do, we’re going to run around those bases. But you’re much better off when you realize that it is a game, and that poor sap in front of you doesn’t even know he’s playing. Why does it seem like no one is stealing fourth base? Because they’ve forgotten that fourth base exists, that they have the ability to run whenever they damn well please. Sometimes you might not succeed. But when you’re driving your own Toyota Plug-In Hybrid Prius towards fourth base and facing down your demons while catching pop flies, you’ll wonder why you ever thought it was complicated.

Just My Thoughts,
Dr. Matt*

* Dr. Matt is not a real doctor.

Dr. Matt

Dr. Matt* gives advice on relationships, life, death, half-life, pet ownership, sexuality, asexuality, proto-sexuality, and mustache growing. * Dr. Matt is not a real doctor.

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