Koalas and Skunks? – Ask Dr. Matt – November 2, 2007

Dear Dr. Matt:
What does my love for koalas and skunks say about my personality?
-Odd Animal Lover

Well OAL, a lot of so-called “doctors” with “doctoral degrees” might start by talking about the archetypes of the koala and the skunk, and how the traits we attribute to these creatures might mirror aspects of your personality that you like about yourself. That is, the koala has a certain fuzziness, a very likable quality. Skunks are actually also very friendly animals, but as we all know, you do not cross a skunk. Especially those hot-tempered latino skunks. Skunks like their privacy, and they don’t like being mistreated. They stand up for themselves. I often see skunks in pairs, so it’s fair to say skunks stand up for each other.

Now, as I said, that might be what a regular “doctor” would talk about, but I think the more important issue is the animals you excluded. I think we can all agree that monkeys are conspicuously missing from animals you love, especially the cute ones. Why is it, OAL, that you dislike monkeys so much? As a fake doctor, I must assume that the answer is bizarre and troubling, and probably involves misuse of bananas. It’s certainly something for you to explore.

Oh, and one more thing regarding love of skunks. It’s possible you simply have poor personal hygiene.

Thanks for your question!

-Dr. Matt*

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Dr. Matt

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