Why Do You Support Obama?

Dr. Matt,

I noticed on a website of yours that you are a Barack Obama Supporter. This puzzles me. I know You, being of superior intellect, would look at everything and consider all angles before getting behind some one with your support.

Example, If I wrote and asked you a question and only gave you a very vague description, how easy would it be for you to asses my situation? If I gave you little information, and little, of the information given qualified my position how would you then back my position? I am sure you have your reasons, for “supporting” Obama, I would like to hear them. Thank you Dr. Matt for your consideration and Wisdom.

-Puzzled in Indianapolis

First of all, PI, I want to thank you for complimenting my intellect, and recognizing my genius in this area. But lest we get too far ahead of ourselves, I think we must pause for a moment and consider that intellect is not synonymous with wisdom. Oh sure, I have both, but one does not automatically lead to the other.

This is an important point, because I think you’ve made your vote selection process a matter of the intellect. That’s stupid. This is what has gotten the great U.S. of A. in a bind these past years. People might say, “But Dr. Matt, our president is an idiot. How did people make voting a matter of the intellect?” Here’s the thing, people. I don’t believe the current president is unintelligent. However, he is completely lacking in wisdom. Which means that all his choices are stupid. Sure, I think he can think (relatively) intelligently about the choices he makes, he might even be able to throw in some deductive reasoning now and then, but at the end of the day, people have scratched their heads at the vastness of the stupidity of his actions. I mean, if one considers some of the wisdom put forward by Buddha or Christ, the current president would be at the complete opposite side of the spectrum, kind of an “anti-Jesus” if you will.

So, PI, if you were to give me very little information, would I still be able to assess your situation? Probably. Because the information I can garner is more than the information you may provide. I don’t rely on stupid things like “facts” and “figures.” Wisdom isn’t in those things. You may provide me with stacks and stacks of evidence and testimonials that you are a good man, and that evidence alone will not make it true. You either are or you ain’t, and if you truly are, then it will be readily apparent, and all the evidence will not mean a hill of beans, and would be a waste of time to show anyone.

I’ve heard people question Barack Obama’s policies. I’ve heard them question his consistency. I’ve heard them question his experience. But I haven’t heard anyone question his integrity. Or, if they do, it doesn’t seem to hold water and all who hear it seem to recognize that it isn’t truthful. It seems to be a given, even to the other candidates, that he is a person of integrity. I don’t think the same could be said of the other candidates to the same degree. Integrity alone is not a selling point for me, as I also find John McCain to be a person of integrity, but I don’t agree with his politics, and it irks me when he defended people in the past who had no integrity. Hillary I find plain scary. Just creepy as all get out. I agree that the U.S. needs a female president at some point, but I wish people would get more specific, and not just pick the first female contender for the sake of this goal. There are other females, and after Barack Obama’s two terms, I hope that we have a female president with even better qualities, who evolves this country to an even greater level. If there were a female candidate who didn’t look like she eats babies, then I think I would vote for her. In fact, I think if it were discovered that Barack Obama was female, then the vote would be practically unanimous.

Thanks for your question, PI! I hope you vote with your wisdom and not your intellect. Also, if you don’t vote for Obama, it’s possible you are racist.

Dr. Matt*

*Dr. Matt is not a real doctor.

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Dr. Matt

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